Using Charcoal Whitening Kits to Improve Your Smile’s Appearance

Individuals are often highly embarrassed when they suffer from noticeable dental staining. While this can be an unsightly problem for a person to experience, there are many treatment options available for correcting this problem. In particular, patients often assume that harsh chemical whitening treatments are the only solution for restoring the color of their teeth. Yet, charcoal teeth whitening kits can be an effective whitening solution that avoids these chemicals.

Consider Flavored Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kits

When you are considering your options for a teeth whitening kit, you may want to look at charcoal kits that are flavored. While unflavored charcoal whitening powders are unlikely to have a bad taste, individuals will often find that a flavor whitening powder can be easier for them to use for the recommended amount of time. This is due to the fact that individuals may focus on the consistency of the powder, which may not be particularly enjoyable. By having a strong flavor, you can be less focused on the consistency of the powder so that you can more easily use it for the recommended length of time. Otherwise, you may be tempted to rinse prematurely, which can severely degrade the effectiveness of the whitening kit.

Take Before & After Photos

Individuals will often be poorly suited to evaluate the effectiveness of whitening kits as they will find it difficult to accurately remember what their teeth looked like prior to the treatment. To help you with gauging the effectiveness of the charcoal whitening, you should take a picture of your teeth before you start the treatments. Also, you should take photographs after each session. This will make it much easier for you to effectively track your progress as you whitening your teeth. Most individuals will find that they only need a few whitening sessions to achieve their desired look, and these photos can help them to avoid over-whitening their teeth.

Have a Toothbrush Specially Designated for Use with the Charcoal Whitening Kit

As part of the process of using the charcoal whitening powder, you will need to use a toothbrush to rub the powder against the teeth and to ensure all surfaces of the teeth are covered. Unfortunately, the charcoal whitening powder can be extremely discoloration to toothbrushes, and it can be difficult to remove all of the charcoal bits from the bristles. For these reasons, you may want to have a toothbrush that you can throw away after you have finished the whitening session.

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