Have Your Eyelashes Lost Volume With Age? What Are Your Options?

If you've noticed that it's becoming harder and harder to make your eyelashes "pop," even with heavy mascara usage, you may be experiencing a phenomenon that's common for all women as they age: eyelash thinning. The fluctuation in hormones caused by perimenopause and menopause can thin hair all over the body, including eyelashes and eyebrows. But while eyebrows can be shaped and shaded with cosmetics (or semipermanently tattooed through the microblading process), achieving the appearance and feel of thicker, lusher eyelashes can be more difficult. Read on to learn more about volumizing your eyelashes.

Fortifying Mascara

Some types of mascara are fortified with vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that can boost eyelash growth and volume over time. Some people who are dealing with thinning eyelashes may shy away from mascaras entirely, worrying about the damaging effect mascara can have on eyelashes if it is not properly removed each night before bed. But if you rely on mascara to give your eyelashes color, length, or both, using a fortifying formula can spur eyelash growth and leave you with longer, lusher eyelashes after a month or two of regular use.

Biotin and Other Vitamins

If you've determined that your hair thinning isn't the result of a hormonal issue (like an underactive thyroid), taking hair-boosting vitamins like biotin can sometimes help. These vitamins accelerate hair growth and work to make the hair follicle thicker, helping camouflage sparse areas. Keep in mind that biotin-fueled hair growth isn't just limited to the hair on your head or your eyelashes; you may also notice coarser, quicker-growing hair on your legs, underarms, and bikini area. 

Eyelash Extensions

For those who need a more permanent boost, eyelash extensions like those from Eyelashcare NYC may be the answer. Unlike false eyelashes, which are bundled together and attached to the natural eyelashes with glue, eyelash extensions are painstakingly applied one-by-one by a professional. When properly applied by a salon professional, these eyelashes won't damage your natural eyelashes and can last months between touch-ups. Many fans of eyelash extensions report that they quickly forget that their newly lush eyelashes aren't their own. 

Magnetic Eyelashes

Another option for those who want the look (but not the potential damage) of false eyelashes is magnetic eyelashes. These eyelashes attach to each other, not the natural eyelashes, through tiny magnets at the base of each lash. This allows for quick and easy removal each night without the pulling or tugging that's common with glue-on false eyelashes.