What To Do When Purchasing A Custom Made Wig

Most pre-made wigs require a lot of customization once you get them home. You can easily spend hours adjusting a wig to perfectly suit you, which is a lot of time you could have spent doing something else. Make your life easier and skip the hassle by purchasing a custom made wig. Custom made wigs are crafted to your specifications, so you know that your wig will be exactly what you want. Read More 

Have Your Eyelashes Lost Volume With Age? What Are Your Options?

If you've noticed that it's becoming harder and harder to make your eyelashes "pop," even with heavy mascara usage, you may be experiencing a phenomenon that's common for all women as they age: eyelash thinning. The fluctuation in hormones caused by perimenopause and menopause can thin hair all over the body, including eyelashes and eyebrows. But while eyebrows can be shaped and shaded with cosmetics (or semipermanently tattooed through the microblading process), achieving the appearance and feel of thicker, lusher eyelashes can be more difficult. Read More 

Using Charcoal Whitening Kits to Improve Your Smile’s Appearance

Individuals are often highly embarrassed when they suffer from noticeable dental staining. While this can be an unsightly problem for a person to experience, there are many treatment options available for correcting this problem. In particular, patients often assume that harsh chemical whitening treatments are the only solution for restoring the color of their teeth. Yet, charcoal teeth whitening kits can be an effective whitening solution that avoids these chemicals. Read More 

3 Must-Have Items For Your Daily Skincare Routine

If it feels like your current skincare routine is no longer working for you, it is time to reevaluate your plan is so that it better suits your needs. Though your routine will vary slightly based on the type of skin that you have and any specific skincare concerns, there are a few versatile items that work for practically every skin type. Here are three items you should add to your daily routine. Read More 

Common Botox Myths…BUSTED

Botox is a controversial cosmetic treatment for a variety of reasons, including its surprising origin as well as some of the shocking celebrity transformations it may have caused. However, the following myths give Botox a much worse name than it deserves. Botox is Not Extremely Painful The idea that Botox injections are extremely painful has been spread around the Internet for ages, probably due to the fact that it is referred to as a " Read More