What To Do When Purchasing A Custom Made Wig

Most pre-made wigs require a lot of customization once you get them home. You can easily spend hours adjusting a wig to perfectly suit you, which is a lot of time you could have spent doing something else. Make your life easier and skip the hassle by purchasing a custom made wig. Custom made wigs are crafted to your specifications, so you know that your wig will be exactly what you want. Here are some steps you'll need to follow if you decide you want a custom wig of your own:

1. Measure your head.

Wigs are usually made to fit the average-sized head, but people come in all different shapes and sizes. A poorly-fitted wig can be uncomfortable or likely to fall off. Your custom made wig will be designed especially to fit you. To ensure a good fit, you will need to measure your head. Get a soft tape measure and measure around your hairline. Ideally, you should do this while wearing a wig cap, since that is how you will wear your finished wig; this will help you take the bulk of your hair into account as well.

2. Decide between synthetic and human hair.

Next, you'll need to choose what type of hair you want in your wig. Human hair looks the most realistic, and it offers the greatest variety of styling options. You can even bleach and dye human hair wigs if you later decide you'd like to change its color. However, human hair wigs tend to be more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. Synthetic hair is a budget-friendly option that can look beautiful with some extra care. You may need to powder synthetic hair to remove some of its artificial shine. Synthetic hair can be heat-styled just like human hair, as long as you turn down the heat settings on your styling tools.

3. Choose a hair texture.

You'll be able to straighten and curl your wig to suit your preferences, but you will need to choose a hair texture as a starting point. Many people find straight hair wigs to be the most versatile. However, people who already have straight hair may prefer the opportunity to play around with different styles. Curly hair wigs can make a fun statement.

4. Pick a length.

Wigs are sold in various different lengths. In general, longer wigs will be more expensive, since they use a greater quantity of hair. If you'd like a very long wig but you don't want to break the bank, you can choose to buy a long wig made from synthetic hair as a compromise.